Brand MODEL Overview & Requirements

  • First impression is everything and your image is your resume.

  • We’re seeking potential candidates who are eager to get in front of a camera and not afraid to be camera shy.

  • We’re looking for someone with personality who has great people skills working with others.

  • You will be a representation and an extension of our brand and we expect high standards of professionalism on certain social media platforms.

  • You will receive posing guidance and direction from our photography, we offer compensation of complimentary products, help build your modeling portfolio and assist with social media marketing.

Skill Sets We're LOOKING FOR

  • You must be a resident of the “San Diego, California - Location” to apply for this position.

  • You must be able to work with our photographer to exceed brand standards and expectations.

  • You must be able to fulfill business goals by meeting and exceeding brand expectations.

  • You must be able to have excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills with management.

  • You must be able to understand and learn to take directions at a fast-paced rate.

  • Modeling experience is preferred, but not required.

Company Core Values

  • Commitment

  • Genuine

  • Integrity

  • Motivated

  • Teamwork


  • All accepted-applicants are required to download “GroupMe” as our mandatory source of communication as a team for updates, news, scheduling and meetings, etc.

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